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Technical strength

      The company has 150 employees, all has Bachelor degree and above, within which 5 Doctors, Masters more than 20; professional titles more than 10, senior titles more than 40, junior titles more than 50. The enterprise has strong technical force, advanced technology and equipment, accumulated rich experiences in its professional field.
      The company has 10000m2 scientific research field. Its equipped with the Product Quality Standard Research and Test Scientific Research Laboratory for Water Conservancy Machinery of National Water Conservancy and Hydropower Industry. It possesses more than 15,000,000 research facilities and professional software.

  • ·Draw up National and Industrial Standard 26 items;
  • ·Receive patent and software copyright 21 items;
  • ·Publish over 160 pieces professional discourse and monograph;
  • ·Receive 1st prize of Dayu Award of Ministry of Water Resources twice, 2nd prize once; receive 2nd prize of     Zhejiang Province Technology Award once, 3rd prize once;

Scientific Research Building

Electric Control Laboratory

                             Test Equipment in Scientific Research Building